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Principle of UV Sterilizer Bag

“Ultraviolet (UV) light kills viral cells by damaging their DNA. The light initiates a reaction between two molecules of thymine, one of the bases that make up DNA. QooSar dedicates to offer one-stop solutions on UV Sterilizer Box for customers. According to CDC UV light can Protect your family from viruses and bacteria, So we have released our UV Sterilizer bag and other products to meet requirement from all over the world. 

Principle of UV Sterilization
INDUCTIONSVortex UV Sterilizer Bag

Features of Votex UV Sterilizer Bag: 

99.9% high efficiency sterilization.Through ultraviolet radiation, destroy the DNA of microorganisms, and make them die. Multifunctions, suitable for: children’s toys, underwear, beauty makeup and skin care products, clothes accessories, electronic products, etc. 

Portable carry Bag
Ultraviolet sterilizer.
Anion deodorization.
UVC LED technology.
Constant temperature heating.
Megnetic switch, it’s easy for use.

Best UV BAG QooSar
FunctionDisinfection in the UV box, makeup mirror
Product size260*190*170(mm)
Sterilization Rate99.9%
Life Warranty for UV LED10000 hours
QooSar uv c light uv cleaner bag

High Efficiency

High Efficiency ultraviolet sterilization 99.9% bacteria elimination
Large Capacity UV Sterilizer Box

Large Capacity

Large Space for many products like watches, toys, cell phones, earphones and more…
Multifounctional UV Sterilizer Box

All In One

All in one design, it can be used for Sterilizer box and cosmetic.

UV Sterilizer Bag

Vortex UV Sterilizer Bag 99.9% Sterilization Rate

QooSar disinfection bag uses UV C LED with wavelength of 270nm-280nm which can kill a varity of bacteria on household items effectively. QooSar dedicates to offer one-stop solutions on quality UV Sterilizer Bag for customers.

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Custom Made UV Sterilizer Bag By QooSar
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UV Sterilizer Bag From QooSar

QooSar UV Sterilizer Bag
Safety QooSar UV Sterilizer Bag
UV Light Phone Sanitizers Box
Details of QooSar UV Sterilizer Bag



UV Light is known to kill bacteria, mites, and viruses including coronavirus.


Preset timer settings with delayed start. Easy to use and control



Long Light life. Use for Many hours.


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Win-Win Cooperation

We are working hard to supply kinds of UV Based products available as quickly as possible to help essential service providers around world-wide.

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